How does a toilet stool help?

Step and Go toilet stools change your sit into a squat by raising your feet to mimic a natural squat. When you sit, your puborectalis muscle kinks. When you squat to poop instead, this naturally loosens the muscle to help you poop more fully.
We make it easy to Sit > Step > Go.
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How It Works

Stop bearing down and struggling. The Step And Go Toilet Stool relaxes your puborectalis muscle by putting you in a natural squat to eliminate the colon quicker and more completely.
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When you sit, the puborectalis muscle kinks, making you strain when you go
When you squat, the puborectalis muscle relaxes for an easier go

Toilet Stool Benefits

Sized for Standard Toilets
Our 7" toilet foot stool for adults fits standard toilets that measure from 14" to 16" from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl.
Durable Plastic Material
It’s simple to install and clean this bathroom toilet stool. Our solid plastic toilet stool is ready to work, right out of the box.
Non-Slip Pads
& Surface
The ridged, anti-slip pads on the top surface of the bathroom stool secure your feet when you go, while the built-in pads on the stool’s feet help keep it in place.
Tucks Under
Your Toilet
The inner curve of our poop stool fits around the base of the toilet. When you’re done pooping, just slide the stool against the curve of the toilet bowl so it’s ready for next time.
Use a bathroom cleaner or soap and water to clean the toilet stool when needed.
by Doctors
Make it easy on your body! Doctors recommend toilet stools to help us poop the way we were designed to do it: in a squat. Convert your toilet into a squatting toilet to open your colon naturally, plus reduce strain and time spent on the toilet.
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