How Step and Go® Works

The Step and Go® step is structurally designed to mimic the posture and efficiency of natural squatting while using the modern day toilet. The Step and Go® step helps align the rectum with the anal canal, encouraging the body out of the restrained posture and into a more natural elimination position. This position also helps to open your colon, resulting in a more complete and healthier elimination.

Using Step and Go® Is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Just Sit


Simply pull out your Step and Go® from under your toilet seat.

2. Step


While sitting, place your feet on the foot rests in your most comfortable position and lean forward.

3. And Go


Conveniently slides back under your toilet, ready to go next time you are.

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Step and Go® Comes With All These Features

  • Elevates your feet for healthier elimination
  • Fits all toilets, slides out of the way after use
  • Slanted platform for comfort and efficiency
  • Quality product: strong, stable and lasting
  • The Lowest price compared to similar products

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  • 100% Natural Edge Grain Bamboo
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  • Available in 2 sizes

Cause and Effect

sitting kinked

The disadvantages of the sitting posture

  • Incomplete elimination

  • Fecal Stagnation

  • Straining

  • Constipation

  • Hemorrhoids/Varicose Veins

When a person sits on the toilet to eliminate, the rectum is forced into a kinked position forming an angle which creates the need to strain in order to eliminate. The resultant straining exerts pressure on the anal and rectal veins which may contribute to hemorrhoids, bowel herniation and other illnesses associated with the lower digestive tract. Actually, the sitting position itself lets you feel and know that after elimination you are not fully done. This fecal stagnation is the major cause of colon disease. In fact, most colon cancers develop in areas which cannot be fully evacuated in the sitting position.

squatting open


  • Healthier elimination

  • Less Fecal Stagnation

  • Less Straining

  • Relief From Constipation

  • Fewer Hemorrhoids

  • More Complete Elimination

Anatomically, humans are intended to squat when eliminating, and have done so since the dawn of time. In fact, more than half the world’s population continues to practice this natural position of squatting today. The Step and Go® is structurally designed to work in conjunction with your toilet and puts your body in the proper squatting position for a more complete and a healthier elimination. Once you start using the Step and Go® routinely, you will notice a big difference in your bathroom experience and you will not want to go without it. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Doctor Recommended

The squatting angle achieved with the Step And Go® helps relieve straining, and allows the digestive system to align for better, healthier results.

Dr. John G. Sherman (International College of Applied Kinesiology)

Client Testimonials

Step and Go for me is the better way to go! It's natural and more thorough.
Bill Collinson, Missoula, MT
Customer Satisfaction
Step and Go has helped me lay off the laxatives. I definitely feel healthier!
Sandy Wilkins, Macon, GA
Customer Satisfaction
I don't seem to get as tired throughout my day. I love the Step and Go, it's simple & it works.
T.J. Hoban, Los Angeles, CA
Customer Satisfaction
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