If You Have A Toilet (And Use It), This Is For You – Review

So here’s the thing, this is kind of an awkward subject for many people, but working in the health & wellness field, it’s a daily conversation. And honestly, it should be. I’m talking about what happens in the bathroom. Yes, you guessed it, going number two.

Okay, let’s all shake out the awkwardness and the “oh my gosh is she really going to talk about this?” because yes, it’s happening. And I have something pretty awesome to share with you!

It’s called the Step and Go. Did you know that you’re actually supposed to squat when you go to the bathroom? The way our digestive tracts are set up, we are better able to do our business when we are in a squat position, as opposed to how we normally sit on a toilet.

This read Lyndsay Marvin’s full review visit  The Balanced Brunette.

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