Step and Go Stool FAQs

1. How does the Step and Go work?

Simply pull out the Step and Go from under your toilet and while sitting, place your feet on the foot rests in your most comfortable position. After use, the Step and Go slides conveniently back under your toilet ready to go next time you are.


2. Why use the Step and Go?

The Step and Go puts your body in a proper squatting posture allowing for a more complete and healthier elimination. A healthy colon and bowel is the key to general good health.


3. How often should I use the Step and Go?

Use the Step and Go every time you go to the bathroom.


4. How long until I feel the difference?

You can feel the difference immediately; however we recommend using the Step and Go for at least a week to fully experience the health benefits.


5. I eliminate just fine. Why should I use the Step and Go?

You may think there’s nothing wrong with the way you go, but once you start squatting with the Step and Go you will notice a significant difference in the comfort and completeness with your bathroom experience.


6. Will I lose weight if I use the Step and Go?

As a new Step and Go user, you may experience initial weight loss due to a more complete evacuation of their bowel.


7. Is the Step and Go okay to use on any surface?

Yes, the Step and Go has rubber footings which are ideal for any surface.


8. Can anyone use the Step and Go?

Yes, The Step and Go is recommended for everyone, especially people who take their health seriously. As long as you can elevate your feet onto the Step and Go, you can use it properly.


9. Can kids use the Step and Go?

Yes. The Step and Go is a great potty aid. However, small children should be supervised by an adult.


10. Will the Step and Go fit around my toilet?

Yes. The Step and Go is designed to fit under just about any standard toilet.


11. Can I stand on the Step and Go?

No. The Step and Go designed for the sole purpose of assisting users with sitting or squatting on the toilet and is not intended for any other purpose.


12. Can the Step and Go be used for urinating?

Yes. The natural pressure generated from squatting helps more fully evacuate your bladder.


13. How much weight does the Step and Go hold?

The Step and Go has a 300 Ibs. weight limit, but if it is used for the purpose of elevating your feet, it will be fine. However If you want to squat on the Step and Go completely, you need to be aware of the weight constraints.


14. What is the return policy?

The Step and Go has a 30 day money back guarantee less S+H.



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