Cavemomma – Step and Go Review

So, let’s talk poop!  As a momma and a nurse, this is a topic with which I am approached almost daily. Constipation, straining, not completely evacuating the bowel – these things can cause so many problems from tummy aches to hemorrhoids, but there are some simple solutions.

Very first on that list is obviously going to be what you put into your system. If you’re eating real, unprocessed foods and drinking plenty of water, you still may be missing one piece of the puzzle –  form.  I can see your face, and hear your “ whaa??  This isn’t the gym!”  Nope, it’s even more important than that. You see, we were not meant to sit in this 90° position for anything, but especially not for elimination. Think about it. How did early humans poop? No throne and social media for them. Just squat, eliminate, and move on.

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