Because What Goes in Must Come Out – Review


Since last year, I’ve been initiated into the world of proper pooping. Squatting seems to be the new keyword in bowel health, and it probably won’t surprise you that it was my paleo-eating friends that introduced me to the concept of squatting when you “go.”

The principal isn’t hard to understand: for thousands of years, people would lower their rear to the ground to poop. In many cultures, this is still the normal poop posture. In fact, sitting in a fully squatted position is quite common in developing countries. My husband, while serving in Afghanistan, witnessed many villagers resting on their feet in this same way.

When visiting a Buddhist monastery, I also noticed many of the Thai visitors sat like this, with their forearms relaxed upon their knees. So, when told by my health-minded friend that squatting to poop is an important way to fully eliminate fecal waste, I understood how that might make sense.

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