All-natural health benefits of the toilet stool

Some of the most common intestinal complications such as hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome or incomplete bowel elimination can leave one feeling sluggish and not fully evacuated. With a toilet stool, those who suffer from intestinal complications now have an all-natural opportunity to relieve those complications comfortably.

Complicated bowel movements can leave one with feelings of incompletion, and while bowel movements can be complicated by issues such as straining too much, hemorrhoids, and illness related to the lower digestive tract as well as other issues such as sitting on the toilet can cause complications with elimination.

Sitting on the toilet often puts kinks the colon and placing strain on the digestive tract during elimination. With the use of a toilet stool one has a simple and all-natural solution to relieve the strain on the colon. The Step and Go is designed to give to the feeling of squatting during bowel movements, which relieves the strain on the colon when sitting.

Squatting on the toilet is an all-natural position that humans have been using for decades. The Step and Go is designed to enhance the position of squatting during bowel movements and create a more natural and healthier bathroom experience. In conjunction with any toilet, the stool places the body in a natural position for a healthier elimination process, creating a healthier digestive tract in the process.

By improving bowel movements, the Step and Go toilet stool gives users more energy throughout the day and improves overall digestive health. Designed to fit under any standard toilet, this all-natural solution can improve digestive health by minimizing the risk for common digestive problems, such as hemorrhoids and constipation.

With an increased fiber diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, the Step and Go can lead to a more physically active lifestyle through complete and full elimination of the digestive tract. Step and Go is offering a risk free, 30 day trial for those who would like to experience the Stool for themselves. Learn more about Step and Go on the web, and experience better digestive health for yourself.

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